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As of 2020, the camp no longer runs a Snack Shack. Campers shall bring their snack and non-perishable lunch from home. The only time that SRSRC will provide food items to campers is in the case of a special event (such as pre-packaged popsicles or treats), or in the case that a camper forgets his or her lunch/snack (in which a pre-packaged item will be provided). Any dishes and utensils used are to be single use and disposable. Perishable food items are not to sit out at all and will be removed from the refrigerator/freezer immediately prior to serving (within 15 minutes of consuming unless a cold pack is used to maintain the item at the appropriate temperature for a longer amount of time such as in the case of an off-site camper in need of a lunch).


Food storage areas must be maintained free from accumulated dirt or grease and items are protected from rodents and insects by beinig in a closed refrigerator/freezer or stored on an elevated shelf in closed containers. Make sure that all food is stored off of the floors and is stored in closed containers. The refrigerator and freezer must be closed completely and shall be routinely checked by a Camp Director to ensure the temperature is maintained at 40* or below. The refrigerator and freezer has thermometers to ensure that food is stored at the proper temperature. If the temperature exceeds 40*F a maintenance request shall be completed and any compromised food shall be thrown away. Maintenance staff or contractors hired by the General Manager will fix our refrigerator and/or freezer if they are not functioning properly. 

Handwashing facilities are adjacent to toilets and are readily available in areas where food is prepared and consumed. All employees must wash their hands before handling food and in complete accordance with standards set forth by County of San Diego Department of Environmental Health.

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